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The Serengeti National Park, Tanzania


Hakuna Matata! It really means ‘No worries’ in Kiswahili, if you ever thought that ‘The Lion King’ used some made-up language. What about seeing real-life Mufasa and Simba in the wild, lazying in the sun and observing you from the bush?

Serengeti National Park is part of a massive geographical area called Serengeti (from Maasai language, ‘Endless plains’), that also includes Kenyan park of Maasai Mara. Safari in Serengeti is the ultimate East African adventure on the yellow dusty roads among the herds of wildebeests, antelopes, gazelles and big felines. Only here, you are guaranteed to see a dozen of lions chilling in the sun, many cheetahs dozing off in big heaps and even spotted hyenas and lone leopards who hunt during the night. Speaking of the night time, you will be sleeping right in the middle of the wild savannah, in a tented camp, with the natural surround sound of the wind, occasional growling of predators and quiet clickety-click of many hooves on the grass.

The wildebeest migration that usually coincides with the end of the rainy season (around the end of June) is a massive and quite scenic biological event. Migrating herds of wildebeests are followed by feline predators (lions and cheetahs), hyenas, and vultures who also hope to get a bite off the lions’ table. While crossing the river, all of them are targeted by crocodiles, and if you visit Serengeti during the peak of migration season, you get a chance to see with your own eyes all those things that ordinary people only watch in wildlife documentaries.

Does it get any better than a road safari among furry lions and sprinting gazelles? Well, yes it does. You can make this journey on a hot-air balloon.

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