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Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania

45,000 sq km of wild savanna and jungle, Selous Game reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the biggest wildlife reserve in Africa. The great Rufiji river, slicing the landscape into a web of streams and springs all over the reserve, divides Selous into the southern part, used for hunting trips, and northern part, where you can go for an ordinary photography game drive. Named after an accomplished British hunter and writer, Frederick Selous, 90% of this territory is reserved for trophy hunting. The smaller part of Selous that is used for entertainment and photography drives, is much more scenic and diverse than the southern part.


The vast plains of Selous are twice the size of Serengeti; however, much less popular among the visitors. So, while on a safari, you might be the only vehicle for many kilometres, all savannah and fantastic wildlife belonging just to you. In Selous, you can spot over 400 bird species, inluding pelicans, storks and kingfishers. By the lake it feels like you’re travelling on a color palette. Selous is also perhaps the biggest African wilderness, where thousands of lions, cheetahs and leopards roam in the wild, hunting hundreds of thousands of wildebeests, antelopes and bushbucks. You are also guaranteed to find elephants, crocodiles, spotted hyenas, African wild dogs and extremely rare and endangered black rhinos.


Multiple campsites offer you not just the standard game drives, but also guided walks (fancy meeting a lion on foot?), boat trips (stare right into the jaws of a hippo and don’t drop your camera), or even fly. Camps are smack in the middle of the savannah, with a campfire and being surrounded by curious creatures.

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