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Saadani National Park, Tanzania

Beach bumming meets game drives – Saadani is the one and only park in East Africa where you can go on a series of boating activities, have a look at traditional life of local fishermen and finish your day with an evening game drive. Located right on the coast of the Indian ocean, Saadani is quite far from all major cities, and the life here flows slowly. This place was once an important trading port, but nowadays just a few white sails of traditional boats (dhows) slide on the ocean waves, and local population mainly lives off fishing and seaweed planting. Going on a boat trip with the local seamen will give you a more authentic feeling than similar activities in the more crowded parts of the Indian ocean coastline.


The beach in Saadani has one magical thing to offer: it is one of the last breeding sites for green sea turtles, and you can witness the fascinating process of migration of newborn turtles back into the water.


Further into the bush, you can see plenty of elephants, bushbucks, warthogs, giraffes, buffaloes, antelopes, baboons and yellow monkeys. There are also quite a few feline predators to be spotted (lions take the day shift wile leopards hunt at night), along with huge hyenas and black-backed jackals.


Following the Wami river further inland, you will be amazed at the abundance of hippos, crocodiles and all kinds of both marine and river birds, including flamingoes and kingfishers.

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