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Ruaha National Park, Tanzania

The biggest national park in Tanzania, Ruaha takes its name from the Great Ruaha river flowing in the southeastern part of the land. Established as a game reserve in the middle of 20th century, it now occupies 20,000 sq km of land along the Ruaha river. Predominantly hot and dry climate makes it the heart of wildlife, and most of animals are easy to find when they come looking for water to the banks of Ruaha.


Ruaha National Park is less accessible than most of other Tanzanian nature reserves, and getting here by road is close to impossible, but plenty of flights are served to the airstrip in the park from Dar-es-Salaam. You will never regret taking this flight: tangled branches of baobabs, wild vegetation and great floral variety, complemented with abundant wildlife will make for an unforgettable safari getaway.


You are likely to see herds of antelopes, bushbucks and waterbucks, wildebeests, buffaloes, zebras, gazelles, hartebeests and giraffes. Lion prides here are extremely accustomed to vehicles and humans, as well as quite big, so sometimes you can see up to 15 lions at the same spot, along with little cubs. During hot hours of the day, cheetahs laze around in the shade, and hunt in the late afternoon and early morning. During night hours, you have a chance to see rare striped hyenas, and more numerous spotted hyenas and jackals.


To the joy of birdwatchers, Ruaha National Park is abundant in birds of prey, such as bateleur and fish eagle. From mid-November to March migrant birds arrive and fill the riverside: Saharan sooty falcons and extremely rare Eleonora’s falcons will be a great catch for your camera, along with hundreds of white storks.

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