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Mombasa, Kenya

Located on the Mombasa island, this city is the beginning of the great East African railway connecting coastal Kenya with Uganda. Developed by Arab traders and later colonists, Mombasa showcases many kinds of architecture and historical layers of its urban landscape. Several religions are practiced around the city, and you can visit several mosques, Christian churches and Hindu temples. The beauty of Mombasa’s mosques was first noted by the famous Moroccan scholar Ibn Battuta who traveled along the coast of East Africa.


Many other historians and travelers of ancient times mentioned Mombasa as a prosperous trade centre for spices, ivory and gold, whose influence spread far across the Indian ocean. Vasco de Gama was the first European to visit Mombasa on his journey around the world, and soon afterwards the city was taken over by the Portuguese.


Nowadays, Mombasa is a famous spot for holiday makers and divers, as well as Kenyan expat community who flies over here for a weekend of sea and sunshine. You can enjoy fish barbecues on the beach and talk about the roads that brought different people to Africa – be assured that you will hear a lot of interesting stories.


Diani beach is not just popular for the nightlife, but also a great place for wildlife spotting. Mombasa has a lot of crafts centers where you can see locally produced artwork and buy something to bring back home. The Old Town of Mombasa has a unique Middle-Eastern vibe, while the beautiful coast full of traditional dhows and dhow-building workshops transports you to the old times before Mombasa grew to be a bustling city of concrete.

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