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Mikindani, Tanzania

A great destination for those who want to get far off the beaten path and follow the steps of David Livingstone, the great Scottish explorer in East Africa. If you are missing the spirit of adventure, the feeling of being the only foreigner within kilometers,  the exotic vibe of a small town with centuries of history, then Mikindani is a great place for you. Like most coastal towns in Tanzania, Mikindani has absorbed bits of many various cultures throughout centuries: its traditional Makonde houses stretch on the palm-fringed coast along with ancient Arab mosques and cemeteries, old German fort (Boma, now renovated into a hotel), memorial slave market, and even an Indian temple. Get lost on the streets of Mikindani and feel yourself isolated and locked in this little world of a town, where everyone knows each other and every new face is a surprising and wonderful novelty. You will find a lot of local artisanal shops in the winding streets of Mikindani, on the roofed terraces and behind thick coral walls of old Arabic houses dating back to 17th century.


The beaches and underwater reefs here are largely unexplored and can become your personal sea adventure. Mikindani has just started to acquire the name of Tanzania’s future diving hot spot, and you can be one of the first people to see and document its underwater treasures. Biologists have identified over 250 species of coral off the coast of Mikindani, which makes this place one of the most biologially diverse diving spots in East Africa.


Mikindani will be a perfect stopover on your way to Mozambique, or a great day-trip from Mtwara, the neighbouring bigger town.

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