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Lake Victoria, Tanzania

The largest lake in Africa, whose shores are shared by three countries (Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda), Lake Victoria is not just a great part of East African economy, but also a scenic location for those who like fishing, chilling on a boat vacation or island-hopping, African style. Rubondo Island National park and Saanane Island offer exciting fishing trips and relaxing vacations on the clear waters of Lake Victoria, with many fascinating birds, small primates and peace and quiet that only uninhabited islands can offer.


Local people, especially in Uganda, are proud to call Lake Victoria the source of the great Nile river, although it took Western explorers several decades to prove this theory. Indeed, Lake Victoria is filled with waters from many African rivers, but the only outflow from it is the White Nile, that eventually makes its way north to Egypt and into the sea.


On the Tanzanian side, the town of Mwanza is generally referred to by the locals as ‘Rock City’, not because of its rock music scene, but because it is simply full of rocks. Giant boulders piling one on top of another form a large part of the cityscape, and many town houses are perched on those cliffs, overlooking the lakeside. A large rock formation called Bismack Rock is visible close to the shore and forms a very photogenic sulhouette in the twilight. Several hotel buildings in Mwanza offer rooftop restaurants with a view over the lake, and many people come here to watch the sunset over the blue waters of Lake Victoria.


It also has some fascinating varieties of tropic freshwater fish that get exported to aquariums worldwide, and many resorts on all sides of the lake offer organized trips for fishing enthusiasts who are ready to be surprised by the underwater world of Lake Victoria.

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