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Lake Nakuru, Kenya

Sometime ago the East African railway connected Mombasa and Kampala, passing through Nakuru among other Kenyan towns. Nowadays, the train rattles through only once a month, and small shrubs and flowers are growing on the old railway tracks, but Nakuru town still attracts many travelers for one reason: its fascinating Lake Nakuru National Park. Although in the language of local tribes, Maasai, Nakuru means ‘dusty place’, this characteristic in no way can be attributed to the marvelous park by the lake.


Lake Nakuru National Park has always been one of the most significant landmarks of Kenya, filled with bustling wildlife and noisy flocks of pink flamingoes. The waters of the lake are abundant with algae that serve as the main source of food for the flamingoes, and form a perfect breeding ground for hundreds of other bird species, such as African fish eagle, goliath heron, pied kingfisher and verreaux eagle. Seeing such a vast body of water filled with pink-feathered elegant birds is one of the most unforgettable memories you will bring home from Kenya.


It is not just the flamingoes that attract travelers to the shores of Lake Nakuru, but also fabulous game drives among the herds of zebras and wildebeests, antelopes and gazelles, giraffes and waterbucks. Certain area around the lake is fenced off as a sanctuary to protect black and white rhinos and Rotschild giraffes. The protection is mainly targeting poachers that hunt these gigantic endangered animals for their horns. Do not miss the chance to visit the sanctuary and see these fascinating giants, get inspired and spread the word of endangered rhinos around the world. Every now and then, you can spot small prides of lions and groups of cheetahs, and early in the morning you have a chance to watch leopards finishing their meal up in the tree branches.

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