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Lake Naivasha, Kenya

Every year in late summer, Lake Naivasha hosts the Rift Valley music festival that attracts musical performers from all over Africa and Europe. If it is sunny, the music is playing, if it rains, the music still goes on, all possible genres and styles: from reggae to punk and pop rock.


Popular weekend getaway for young people and expats living in Nairobi and Nakuru, lake Naivasha is surrounded by various resorts and campsites for all budgets and comfort requirements. You can stay in a cottage with full board or go self-catering at the famous Fishermen’s camp, with various hippie crowds, camping college groups or overlanders en route across Africa.


Lake Naivasha hosts a large population of hippos that can be seen on a boat trip during the day or grazing on the shore during the night, full-size and quite threatening. Hippos may look like happy kind-hearted giants, but in fact, they are considered one of the most dangerous and aggressive animals in Africa. Have a look at the size of their jaws and you will understand why. All lodges take precautions to keep the hippos away from the campsites at night, but you still can hear their squealing noises behind the electric fence and see gigantic round silhouettes in the dark.


Huge Marabout storks will be your neighbors wherever you are staying on the shores of Lake Naivasha, along with dozens of other bird species, most notably colorful starlings and several seasonal migrant birds. Many birdwatchers get stuck at the lake for many days, moving from one camp to another, enjoying the songs around the bonfires in the evening and the company of friendly fellow travelers.

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