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Kenya Travel Guide

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Kenya Safari Tourism & Kenya Travel Guide, Kenya Wildlife Safari Holidays Sliced by the equator in the middle, Kenya occupies 581,309 sq km of East Africa, sharing borders with Ethiopia, Uganda, South Sudan, Somalia and Tanzania. Kenya can boast of the highest GDP in Southeast and Central Africa, its economy mainly built on agriculture and tourism. Coffee and tea are among the main exported produces of the country.


The landscape here is as varied as you can possibly imagine. Tall palm trees are
stretching along the Eastern coast, and sandy beaches of Mombasa, Lamu and Malindi offer all sorts of sailing, diving and swimming activities in the deep blue Indian ocean.


Constructed during the British rule Mombasa-Kampala railway line stretches all the way from the ocean to neighboring Uganda, crossing the endless savanna, full of zebras and giraffes. It once used to be a busy functioning route for cargo and passenger trains, but nowadays the only reason to get on that train from Nairobi to Mombasa would be a sheer desire to feel yourself like Meryl Streep’s heroine in ‘Out of Africa’. Moving along the highway that connects Kenya and Uganda, the view over the Great Rift Valley opens before your eyes: chains of hills, forests, lakes and extinguished volcanoes in the horizon. Kenya has both freshwater and salty alkaline lakes, inhabited by varied flora and fauna, an exquisite place for birdwatchers and botanists. The biggest of all, Lake Victoria, is shared between Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, and offers some exciting trips to the islands around the lake.


Of course, most of travelers visit Kenya for the wildlife safaris and hiking, intending to see «The Big Five»: leopard, buffalo, rhino, lion and elephant. The period between June and September is known as the great wildebeest migration, when millions of animals cross the border between Tanzanian Serengeti Park and Kenyan Maasai Mara, in search of food and water, while the predators follow them closely, the crocodiles ambush them in the rivers and birds of prey float up in the sky observing the moving streams of animals down below. Migration season is the busiest time of the year for travel agents, but even throughout the year travelers can always count on seeing the big five and other types of animals. Wildlife safaris come in different varieties: from normal daytime packages to night drives, cycling safaris and hot air balloon safaris, guided walks and wild camping.


Volunteering in community and conservation projects is another common reason to visit Kenya, and many travelers seize an opportunity to contribute their efforts to the community development in the regions they visit.


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