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Chale Island, Kenya

Located at the end of Msambweni bay in southeastern Kenya, Chale island is rather a headland than an actual island. Widely known as a secluded beach paradise, Chale island has a lot of aspects you will fall in love with. Unique inland mangrove lakes is a natural phenomenon fascinating to walk around, and the nearby wildlife reserve is abundant in various kinds of mammals and birds, perfect for avid birdwatchers and photography enthusiasts.


This resort island is a remarkable romantic getaway with white sand and crystal clear blue waters, the only resort island in Kenya combining sacred forests, comfortable resort accommodation with private beaches, a wildlife park and coral reefs. Imagine yourself under the full moon in your private cabin at the beachfront, bathing in the warm waters of Indian ocean and watching the birds glide over the surface.


The water and sand here are so clean that the island turns into the turtle breeding colony many nights a year, and you may become witness to this magical event: thousands of little newbord turtles making their way back into the ocean across the moonlit sand dunes.


Two thirds of the island are occupied by the ancient mangrove forest with the tallest mangrove trees in this part of Africa. The Gazi Bay of the island is secluded enough to be a perfect mangrove bay, with enough fresh water from the island streams.


The sacred forest, ‘kaya’, occupies 15 acres of the land and adds more mystery to the colorful flora and fauna of this tiny island. Ancient trees and narrow canopy bridges will make you feel part of a fairytale universe both on land and under the water. Sleep to the twittering of tropical birds beside your cabin and bathe in the ocean over the bed of colorful corals.

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