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Central Island, Kenya

Far off the beaten path, in the North of Kenya, lies Lake Turkana – a place hard to reach and easy to fall in love with. Even for the Kenyans, this remote province sounds exotic and strange. Central Island on Lake Turkana hosts the Central Island Wildlife Park, protected by the Kenya Wildlife Authority. Composed of a dozen craters and volcanic formations, this unique island terrain is best observed from the air, but a hike among the volcanic slopes will definitely leave an imprint on your memory.


Part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with Sibiloi National Park and South Island National park, Central Island National Park offers some unique birdwatching opportunities, with abundance of flamingoes, pelicans and other water birds (over 80 species) and birds of prey. It is also an important stopover for seasonal migrant birds and a breeding spot for crocodiles and hippos. The island hosts several types of poisonous snakes (vipers and cobras), prehistoric fish and probably the largest population of Nile crocodiles. This place is not so easy to reach: in fact, the whole island is a living active volcano with several smoking craters, creatively called Flamingo, Crocodile and Tilapia. If walking on top an active volcano right in the middle of huge lake is not enough fun for you, consider visiting Central Island for the wildlife that somehow manages to survive on the shores of a volcanic island: Grant’s gazelles, grevy’s zebra, topi, oryx, giraffe, greater kudu and antelopes.


The island has several lodges and tented camps, and staying alone in your tent with the campfire burning outside will bring you a unique feeling of Indiana Jones-style adventure.

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