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Buffalo Springs National Reserve, Kenya

Neighboring the Samburu National Reserve, Buffalo Springs National Reserve is comprised of rolling volcanic plains, covered with shrubs of ‘desert roses’ and patches of grass among the solidified lava flows. This landscape seems somehow extraterrestrial, except for the abundant wildlife inhabiting these barren plains.


Endangered Grevy’s zebras is the main treasure of the park, along with dozens of other types of zebras. Giraffes and elephants are the most common sightings. Oryx, gerenuk antelopes and buffalos can be seen all around the Reserve, and during the day you are likely to find yourself accompanied by lions and cheetahs. It is something like The Lion King meets Out Of Africa: the endless savannah that you have seen in a childhood cartoon suddenly becomes real, with all its inhabitants and wonderful sunsets. Spotted hyenas with their strange barking, elusive leopards that hunt at night and can only be spotted on an early morning game drive, Somali ostriches and Maasai ostriches running through the plains, gigantic hippos and masters of disguise – crocodiles, always watching you from the water. You never get tired of spotting new animals and discovering new corners of the reserve, and knowledgeable tour guides will always be able to tell you more about this different universe.


Buffalo Springs National Reserve accounts for over 350 species of birds – a perfect place for avid birdwatchers to arm themselves with a pair of binoculars and embark on an adventure of a lifetime.

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