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Amboseli National Park, Kenya

Want to get really close to the elephants? You probably won’t manage to high-five their trunk, but sure enough will be able to stand close enough to observe the big grey giants in all their glory, marching like an exotic caravan against the towering peak of Mt Kilimanjaro.


Amboseli National park offers spectacular views over Mt Kilimanjaro on the border with Tanzania and a unique experience with the local Maasai tribes – something you will never forget afterwards. Tradional lifestyle, homestead and clothing is still prevailing in this region, and Maasai nomads herd their cattle in nearby the villages, cook food on clay stoves and sell colorful handmade crafts. In Maasai language, ‘empusel’ means ‘dusty place’, which in fact, is not at all true about Amboseli terrain.


This region attracts more and more new settlers due to its relatively dry climate with low rainfall and swampy landscape – which means wildlife viewings can be organized all throughout the year. And no wonder that Amboseli gets as many tourists as the other most popular park in Kenya, Maasai Mara: the vegetation here is sparse and thin, so there is not too much space for the animals to hide from your curious eyes. Besides elephants, you are guaranteed to see lions in small prides, cheetahs sleeping in heaps on a hot day, graceful impalas and gazelles, herds of zebras and giraffes, huge hyenas and everpresent wildebeests. Amboseli swamps host about 400 species of birds, such as pelicans, crakes, kingfishers, hammerkops, and various birds of prey.


Various types of lodges and wild camps will provide you with comfortable facilities for a few nights in the wild, around the campfire, with the sounds of savannah accompanying you in your sleep.

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