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About Us

Think of Bajo Traveler “Bajo” as a tailor shop: you bring us the fabric of African wonders and threads of your imagination – and our job is to cut out the ultimate tour of your dreams.


How do we do it?


Bajo is perfectly connected in the world of adventure travel. Not only do we work with the leading tour operators in Africa and around the world but we make sure that our staff conducts the most thorough research to find your perfect destination, your ideal way of transportation, the most comfortable accommodation that suits your budget and requirements. Moreover, we know how important it is to provide you with a knowledgeable and easy-going guide for the duration of your journey. After all, safari does not necessarily mean spending the entire day in a vehicle driving across the yellow African savanna. Safari can incorporate your dream experience of cycling among herds of wildebeests and gazelles, or even flying over the wilderness on a balloon. We are here 24×7 to go through the logistics and send each one of our precious clients on an unforgettable trip to Africa.


What makes us so special?


Bajo values your time and your feedback. This is why we are ready to assist you at any point of your journey. Although we always do our best to ensure that your adventure goes without a hitch, unexpected difficulties do arise from time to time, and in this case we are always there to help you out.


Bajo is set to be the best of the best, or simply the ‘bestest’. We love Africa and we love introducing it to other people.


Bajo is determined to make a positive impact on the life of local communities. With a passion for conservation and development, we make sure to choose reputable safari operators that make a positive change in local communities and wildlife.


How do we work?


Just drop us a line or give us a call. Tell us about yourself, your preferred destination and your budget. We will get back to you in a blink of an eye with a few ideas of how we can offer you your African dream. It will take us a few emails to find exactly what you are looking for. A cycling safari, an exciting hike across the valleys and volcanoes, a long camping trip with your friends and family in the wilderness of African savanna, a game drive with the opportunity to see The Big Five (lion, buffalo, elephant, leopard and rhino)? Or maybe you are going on a journey with someone special and want your trip to be truly unforgettable? How about hot air balloons, rafting, night game drives and exploring the exotic spice markets of Zanzibar? If you are feeling adventurous and eager to explore the authentic culture of African countries off the beaten path, we can assist you even here: nights of traditional dance and music, cooking classes and coffee picking seasons, art workshops and crafting? And remember: the more, the merrier – so bring along your friends to embark on the great African adventure together.


Now more to the details: if you are not sure about the exact dates of your trip, we are glad to tell you about best seasons for different types of activities. If you are flexible with time, we will send you to Africa for the great wildebeest migration in Serengeti, for the clearest diving season in Zanzibar, for music festivals in Kenya. Not sure about the country you want to visit? We have our personal favorites, so do not be surprised how passionate we can get about recommending one country or another.


Further into details, we will need to plan your trip day-by-day: hotel or camping lodge, hot tub or fresh showers, local traditional food or your pick of international delicacies? Do not forget to mention your possible dietary requirements and allergies, specify your flight arrangements and transportation preferences within the country. We are giving you some more time to think before the final confirmation, so do not rush into decisions straight away. Preliminary outline of your trip will simply allow us to tell you the basic cost of your journey.


Now add a little bit more of imagination: maybe you would want to fill in the gaps between game drives, canoeing and strenuous hiking routes with something more relaxing, like a spa treatment or an extra day on a sunny beach? Or you are traveling with children and would like to add a special treat for them? Any small details are worth mentioning as we are working towards complete perfection.

All accommodation and transportation confirmed, we are now sending you a memo so you could start the countdown for the amazing adventure. The memo will include all the details of your itinerary and further recommendations for the trip. A few weeks before the departure you will receive, once again, your final itinerary (in case we have mutually decided to make slight changes in the past months) and full contact information for the duration of your trip (phone numbers of the people who will be accompanying and taking care of you through the legs of your journey, as well as emergency contacts in the country).


As you are making your way across the savanna or wild jungle, swim in the ocean or go rafting, we will be checking in with our staff to make sure your journey is going as planned and even better.


Upon your return (unless you fall in love with Africa so much you decide to stay forever) we will be glad to hear your feedback about the trip and our services. We hope to fill our website with many wonderful stories from our clients, and of course, we will expect you to return again and again.


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